NoVA 2014-2016

The 10th NoVA suggests by Karina Angelika Kosasih

Me (guess which one) and Moomin in  the Arabia ceramic exhibition, September 2014. I binge watched the Moomins cartoon in an attempt to know more about Finnish culture. 1. Museum of broken relationship Museum of broken relationships is a travelling exhibition revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruin. Conceptualized in Croatia by […]

The 9th NoVA suggests by Grace Hewitt

Me (in the Boomtown Rats Christmas shirt) and my sister, enjoying Sunday afternoon barefoot lawn bowls. Australia, Dec 2015. 1.HAM – Helsinki Art Museum This is my favourite art museum in Helsinki because I enjoy its wide variety of modern and contemporary exhibitions. When I first moved to Helsinki I discovered many contemporary Finnish artists […]

The 8th NoVA suggests by Margit Jugar

On my way from Tallinn to Helsinki – ferry is like my third home, after Tartu and Helsinki. 1. Tartmus Tartu Art Museum is my home town museum so for me it is a cherished place. Tartmus has wonderful exhibitions of Estonian, especially local (Tartu) contemporary artists’ works. Right now they are exhibiting Laura Põld’s […]

The 7th NoVA suggests by Siw Aldershvile Nielsen

1. Fotografisk Center Fotografisk Center (Center of Photography) is Copenhagen based exhibition space dedicated to camera-based art. Its main purpose is to raise awareness of video and photography – from art to photojournalism. The exhibition space presents around 6 exhibitions a year and further host events such as artist/curator talks, and they have a great […]

SLEET, SALT, SAND: An experimental exploration of home

Text: Grace Hewitt I am a native of Australia but I have lived in Finland since January 2011. Currently I am engaged with the thesis phase of the NoVA Master’s programme. The Master’s thesis, which I am currently working on, is an arts-based and autoethnographical investigation into the on-going experience of homing myself within a […]

The 5th NoVA suggest by Mira Kallio-Tavin

While taking part in the Brushes with History conference, at Teacher’s College in NYC in November 2016, I had time to visit exhibitions and the roof terrace in the New Museum. 1. Ote / Points of View exhibition in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Areena This exhibition shows one work from the Saastamoinen […]

The 4th NoVA suggests by Siv Werner

  1. Dome of Visions Dome of Visions is a sustainable experiment – a culture house/art space/community space and green house in one. The construction is build from reusable and recycled materials without toxic chemicals, and the curatorial profile stresses the importance of democratising the aesthetic – making the aesthetic practises and knowledge productions accessible […]

The 3rd NoVA suggests by Gerd Elise Mørland

Heidi Bale Amundsen and Gerd Elise Mørland  just received the book Curating and Politics Beyond the Curator from the printer. 1. #ArtOffline #ArtOffline, a documentary directed by Manuel Correa showed at the Sculpture Biennial at Vigelands Museum in Oslo in an exhibition called The art belongs to those who see it, curated by Anne Szefer […]

Developing an educational approach in Nýlistasafnið (The Living Art Museum) in Reykjavik

At the end of August we began our two week internship in Nýlistasafnið (The Living Art Museum). Additionally, Anna Brink from the Art Education program at Konstfack University College of Art, Craft and Design, also joined us. We were interested to do an internship at Nýló was because we wanted to explore the Icelandic contemporary […]

The 2nd NoVA suggests by Ruska Berghäll

“A picture of you working,” they said, “somehow related to your studies” they said 1.Death and the Mother from Dickens to Freud: Victorian Fiction and the Anxiety of Origins, Author: Caroly Dever, Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture For any fan of cultural psychoanalysis, the victorian novel and maybe feminism. This book is replete […]

The 1st NoVA suggests by Ulla Lind

From the book release of the anthology EDGE: 20 Essays on Contemporary Art Education 8th of October in Aalto Universtiy. Ulla Lind on the left with a Finnish colleague and co-author Jaana Erkkilä, they both have two articles in the anthology, one as a pair and  individual. 1. Sweater Mountain: Finally @ Konstfack 12.12.2015 Sweater […]

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