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Konstfack’s four departments offer different educations within the field of arts, crafts, design and teacher education. The Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education offers two teacher education programmes for upper secondary and secondary level, as well as free standing courses for professionals and as further education. Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) is a Visual Arts Education specialization within the Master’s programme Visual culture and Learning.

This programme will be going through major revisions during 2020-2021. Therefore no students will be accepted to the program until earliest autumn 2021. During 2020-2022 Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design and department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education will collaborate with NoVA in teaching, and by organizing study seminars and study trips. 

The current NoVA programme 2018-2020 is a two years Master program. The program emphasises visual culture and learning. Research is focused on visual and performative ethnography and explorative discourse analysis. The programme is taught in English and it welcomes international students.

Konstfack campus in the green neighbourhood Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Hironori Tsukue

Konstfack was founded in 1844 and it offered nine different trades, amongst them tiled stove makers and silk weavers. In 2004 Konstfack moved to its current premises L. M. Ericssons old telephone factory in the Stockholm suburb of Hägersten. Same time Konstfack has been refurbished to provide a modern school.

In 2019 Konstfack is ranked as second best among artistic universities in Sweden by the international ranking company QS World University Rankings. Among the Nordic countries Konstfack is ranked as number three, and globally on place 49.

Application and tuition fees

You will find more information about Master’s programme application and tuition fees from Konstfack’s web site. 

Study memories

Photos: Anni Rupponen, Vivita Udre, Joanna Wong, Fredrik Lindstrand, Rosie Allard

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Read more about Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education at Konstfack. 

Contact information.

Please note, that Konstfack NoVA specialisation has no intake to autumn 2019.

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