The birth of apARTment

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Department of Art’s (DoA) Master students had a housewarming party of their new common study area called apARTment in 20th September Friday evening in Aalto University – School of Arts, Design and Architecture. It is exciting to have a cozy home base to rest and meet people. 🎊 🎉

Students started to create photo wall so that they could get to know each others better. Photo: Joanna Wong

What is the purpose apARTment?

apARTment is a common study area for all Master students of Department of Art. Users are students from Master programs of Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA), Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Arts (ViCCA) and Art Education (Finnish art education teacher training)apARTment is located in 2nd floor, room E201 in Väre building at Aalto University – School of Arts, Design and Architecture

We can study independently or organise workshops, meetings, study groups and other activities in this space.

Before the party started, we discussed what would be happening in apARTment in the future. Discussion was based on online questionnaire sent for DoA Master students and communal brainstorming session. 

We wanted to create common guidelines of using the space – and here are they in a nutshell:

  • apARTment is a communal space that is always open for all DoA Master students to study and hang around. 
  • All tables are fixed desk which means that you can use free tables for ephemeral working. There will be clean and messy working areas.
  • We’re exploring possibilities to take turn to exhibit our artwork temporarily in this area. 
  • We’re thinking about making a corner for students to lie down and take a nap if anyone feels tired! 

It was a relaxing party that everyone shared snacks, made new friends and hung out with old friends. We are looking forward to creating a community, holding and participating in different workshops and activities in our apARTment!

Written by Joanna Wong
NoVA Master Student from Aalto University

The birth of apARTment

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