Trees of Helsinki, postscript

Oct 21, 2016
Text: Aina, Aliisa and Matilda

We set up the installation at different spots around the city center on Oct 4th, after which we noticed several things during the course of a couple of days. Depending on how populated the locations were, the little pieces of paper with information were ripped away very quickly. It’s thus clear that the installation was quite noticable to the general public and the trees were acknowledged . Besides the informational tags being taken quite quickly, there were some posters that disappeared entirely within just a few days while others are still there, as of writing this almost three weeks later.

An aspect of the project we didn’t plan for, was that after the informational tags were ripped off, the posters were quite ambiguous and devoid of their original meaning, an example being one of the posters shared on Instagram with #romantic helsinki on it. This reflects on the fact that we left the project to be open ended – it was temporary but we weren’t sure when exactly it would end, nor how the general public would act towards it.

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Trees of Helsinki, postscript

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