The 10th NoVA suggests by Karina Angelika Kosasih

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Me (guess which one) and Moomin in  the Arabia ceramic exhibition, September 2014. I binge watched the Moomins cartoon in an attempt to know more about Finnish culture.

1. Museum of broken relationship
Museum of broken relationships is a travelling exhibition revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruin. Conceptualized in Croatia by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, the Museum has since toured internationally, amassing an amazing collection. This exhibition is in Helsinki City Museum 13.5.2016 – 11.9.2016. The entry fee for this exhibition is free and will consist of local objects collected from people of Helsinki as well as pieces from the permanent collection

2. Caisa
Caisa is an international cultural art center in Helsinki. They always have events which support diverse culture in society. As somebody who comes from outside of a Nordic background, CAISA is a potential place to learn and research or even participate in visual cultural studies. They have an endless variation of activities such as workshops, singing competitions, food festivals, art exhibitions and art performances. Most of the events are free of charge.

3. Magdalene
Magdalene is an Indonesian based website about issues of feminism, gender issues and equality. Some articles are in Indonesian but most are in English. Personally, feminism is an issue that I just learnt more seriously about after moving to Finland. Articles from this website often became a marker for me to return to the idea of feminism and think back into the context of my culture.

4. Find your academic family
Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom/seminar. We are blessed with bright colleagues, students, teachers and classmates. However, like every relationship it takes a lot of effort to build connections. Sometimes the brightest ideas and inspiration come during a casual coffee break or when you are at somebody’s house party. It is not rare for a casual night out with my classmates to turn into an interesting thesis discussion. Research can sometimes feel lonely, but with great connections to an academic family, it surely turns extra exciting!

Karina Angelika Kosasih is a second year NoVA student in Aalto University, Helsinki. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she completed her bachelor degree in LASALLE College of The Arts, Singapore with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Passionate about teaching, she choose the subject of art empowerment and the retired elderly for her master thesis.

NoVA Suggests is a regularly published edition of interesting events, publications and sites by NoVA community members.

The 10th NoVA suggests by Karina Angelika Kosasih

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