The 7th NoVA suggests by Siw Aldershvile Nielsen


1. Fotografisk Center
Fotografisk Center (Center of Photography) is Copenhagen based exhibition space dedicated to camera-based art. Its main purpose is to raise awareness of video and photography – from art to photojournalism. The exhibition space presents around 6 exhibitions a year and further host events such as artist/curator talks, and they have a great photographic bookshop. At the moment you can experience the impressive exhibition End of Dreams that focuses on migration with a showcase of sculptures, photographs and photogravure by the Danish artist Nikolaj Skyum-Larsen.

2. VERK tidsskrift
VERK is a new Swedish digital magazine that comes out 4 times a year. It focuses on Nordic camera-based art and wants to show what is happening in the field right now and to encourage discussion and new meetings. Each issue presents different themes (one per quarter). Under each theme / number there will be different articles, artists presentations and audio files. It’s still very new, but I’m really excited to follow it.

3. Copenhagen Architecture Festival, 10th-20th of March 2016
Copenhagen Architecture Festival is non-profit initiative with an aim to explore how architecture characterizes our lives and the world – and how our lives and the world affects the architecture. During the festival they will present a number of events, talks, workshops, screening, seminars etc. in mainly Copenhagen but also a few in Aarhus and Aalborg. The themes of this year’s festival are: Sound & Space, Architects’ life and poetics, Common-create!, Copenhagen transformations, Resistant Architecture, Chinese Mega-cities, The city as a picture etc. I have been so lucky to do a take-over on their Instagram, where they continuously features different architects, film-makers and other creative people.

iGNANT is a online magazine combining art, design, architecture and photography. For me it’s a perfect visual fix and there are always a lot of information and inspiration to explore.

5. Louisiana Channel
Louisiana Channel is website connected to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humblebæk (Denmark). The website provides a platform with well produced videos about art, architecture, music, literature and design and new videos are posted every week. A recommendation if you need to take a break from your hectic daily life and just enjoy interesting videos. And always a good idea to combine your day with the beautiful museum.

Siw Aldershvile Nielsen is a NoVA student from Aalborg University (Copenhagen). Right now she is writing her thesis on digital exhibition platforms in regards to museums. She has a background in Danish, Digital communication & Aesthetics (BA). Further she has a passion for photography which she regularly practice herself for example on Instagram (@siwaldershvile).

NoVA Suggests is a regularly published edition of interesting events, publications and sites by NoVA community members.

The 7th NoVA suggests by Siw Aldershvile Nielsen

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