The 6th NoVA suggests by Anette Göthlund

IMG_5146Me and my daughter Agnes took a selfie in the colorful exhibition from Olafur Eliasson at Moderna Museet in November 2015. Me to the left (-:

1. Monday afternoon in the Konstfack research week, Feb 1st

The research week presents ongoing research at Konstfack, this year with a focus on the doctoral students. Presentations and lectures will be mixed with workshops. On Monday I will present the research area Visual Culture and Learning together with doctoral student Annika Hellman. Annika went on from magisterstudies at IBIS (Dep. of Sloyd and Visual Arts Education at Konstfack) to doctoral studies at Gothenburg university, Department of Education, Communication and Learning. She also teaches at IBIS. We will also be part of the Q&A-panel for: Everything you wanted to know about research – but were afraid to ask, a session especially for the 1 year master students. Konstfack Research Week is from Feb 1st to 5th. NoVA teacher Ulla Lind is the moderator of the program on Monday and Friday.

2. Journal of aesthetics and culture vol. 7 2015 Issue Visual Frictions
In this themed issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, the authors explore issues on visuality and power, with a rich array of texts and visual materials, analyzing phenomena ranging from Instagram photographs of the empty pink chairs that adorn LA’s Grand Park, to different productions of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, to the filmed experience of a young man who describes himself not as visually impaired, but as “seeing differently,” to mash-ups of Astrid Lindgren’s stories and characters, to educational settings where different modes of learning and knowledge come into conflict.

3. Cinemafrica Filmfestival, Stockholm, February 25 -28 

CinemAfrica is a non-profit organisation that works towards spreading high-quality African and diaspora cinema in Sweden. They act as a forum for African film in Sweden and work towards increasing the amount of African film shown in cinemas, during festivals and on television, and to broaden DVD distribution networks. CinemAfrica is now the largest festival for African cinema in the Nordic countries. If you cannot come to Stockholm, visit their web page and check out the films that will be shown – then you can look out for the titles locally!

Anette Göthlund is professor at the Department of Sloyd and Visual Arts Education at Konstfack, Stockholm. She is teaching and tutoring within the NoVA mastersprogramme as well as the department’s masterstudents in the programme Visual Culture and Learning with orientation art education. When doing research she prefers to work with visual ethnography, investigating different sites for learning and cultural production.

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The 6th NoVA suggests by Anette Göthlund

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