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Career design for a sustainable and meaningful career

In the middle of October 2020, Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) Master’s programme hosted in collaboration with Aalto University’s Career & Alumni Services NoVA Career Design Lab workshop and networking event for NoVA students and alumni from Aalto University. In the workshop, participants reflected on their career and applied design thinking to ideate possible career paths.

NoVA X Coronavirus speed research

This is a speed research about how the NoVA community members have experienced their studies and career during the Coronavirus pandemic. The study was made inside of the three days in April 2020. The findings show that the Coronavirus restrictions have made many changes to the informants lives, and mental, physical and financial support are seen the main needs of arts and cultural workers after post-Corona time.

How does mentoring affect us as arts and cultural workers?

Five NoVA students participated in the Aalto University Mentoring Programme during the academic year 2019-2020. Three of them Anni Rupponen, Vivita Kaupere and Joanna Wong discussed about how does mentoring affects us as arts and cultural workers, based on their experiences from the mentoring programme. Mentoring was seen as an opportunity to reflect your own career, widen you perspectives, and strengthen meaningful future networks.

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