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Exchange semester at Aalto University

I came to Aalto University for my exchange period because of its focus on art education, which I consider to be the most suitable frame for my research purposes. In Aalto I am developing myself as a person and as a professional in many ways: by hearing and reading, by discussing, and by doing. Interdisciplinarity and project-based working are a strong value in Aalto’s educational approach, with which I very much resonate in my own art educational practice. I did my one exchange semester at Aalto University – School of Arts, Design and Architecture in the spring 2019 and will continue at the same University for another exchange semester in the autumn 2019.

Gaia Mazzola
NoVA Master Student from Konstfack, Sweden
Originally from Italy

Exchange semester at Konstfack

An aspect I appreciate most about being an exchange student at Konstfack University of Arts, Design and Crafts is the support and encouragement we receive from our professors regarding community involvement. Our studies here prompt us to explore an organization or event locally to apply to the material we are covering in our readings to relevant experience. I feel this local involvement is an especially important component of having an enriching exchange semester. The organizations I was advised to work with were so inspirational, truly a great fit for my interests, and have really helped to guide my future thesis project. Being on exchange at Konstfack has developed my research and networking skills and instilled the courage in me to continue pursuing international projects. I did my exchange semester in the spring 2019.

A. Rosie Allard
NoVA Master Student from Aalto University, Finland
Originally from US

Going on exchange as part of the NoVA master has been an awesome journey for me. Right as I was starting to mature academically I got thrown into a totally different world that allowed me to use my previously acquired qualities but in a totally new way. Having a background with a bachelor degree, but not being totally certain about how I wanted to proceed academically, I feel like the exchange has helped me find my own voice in the academic landscape. I did my exchange in the second semester of NoVA master studies in the spring 2019 at Konstfack, Department of Visual Arts and Slojd Education. Exchange student studied together with IBIS master student. 

Kristoffer Uhrenholdt
NoVA Master Student from Aalborg University, Denmark
Originally from Denmark

Exchange semester at Aalborg University - Copenhagen

If you prefer…
study alone than teamwork,
here might be not for you;
If you think…
sitting in the classroom is the only way of learning,
this is not for you;
If you expect…
a correct answer from Professors,
it’s definitely not for you;
If you are not one of those above,
Welcome to AAU!

Exchange semester: spring 2019 at the Department of Communication

Tyler Liu
NoVA Master Student from Aalto University, Finland
Originally from Taiwan

All photos: Eija Mäkivuoti

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