Master’s thesis in NoVA

NoVA theses

Photo: Jaeseong Park

Aalto University,
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Master's Programme in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education Master's Thesis

Allard Rose
We are not neutral: A case-study exploring criticality through education and art

Bellido Rengifo Luis Hernan
Meta-cognitive-comics. An exploration of metacognition via metacomics

Centina Allen Damzel Bano
Casting on, casting off – Entanglements in learning

Chung Minjin
Being inside, outside or in-between across Finland and South Korea : An investigation on cultural identities with Korean immigrant children in Finland

Hewitt Grace Alana
Sand // Snow: An autoethnographic investigation of a homing process

Kaupere Vivita
Carmine red and white. A case study on visuality and transnational elements with the children with Latvian barkground in their families

Kosasih Karina
Independent and creative: Learning from Finnish retirement and art activities for the future of Southeast Asia’s retirement

Löytty Maiju Matilda
Art of the intangible history: Negotiating the possibilities of arts-based research for learning processes in Finnish-Namibian Museums

Messier Saint-Jaqcues Flavie
“Everything starts with youth and their will to participate freely in activities.” Ethnography and discourse analysis about art and culture in youth centers in Montreal and Helsinki

Mäkivuoti Eija Kaarina
Missing the mountains or being the children of the sea (or not): A multi-method arts-based investigation

Park Solip
Display the gameplay but playfully
Awarded: Winner of master thesis prizes of 2020: Game thesis competition, The Finnish Game Research Society

Rupponen Anni
Immigrant experiences of career pursuit: A Case study of foreign-born arts and culture professionals living in Finland

Theocharidou Myrto
Re-visualize the visual: Exploring visual arts with high-school students in art museum and beyond

Vicente Bexell Aina Sophia
New materialism and women: An investigation into identity with diffractive reading

Yu Ziyu
An autoethnography study in discursive identity and pre-discursive (anti)subjectivity through visual method

Zhao Jie
Learning Chinese written characters visually. A case study- Character workshop with Finnish young childre

Aalborg University - Copenhagen

Department of Communication and Psychology

Aldershvile Nielsen Siw 
Digital Museum Practices: A qualitative research of The National Gallery of Denmark on digital platforms and the creation of user experiences

Blachmann Marie (Confidential)
Udvikling af byrum med børn som deltagere (Development of Urban Spaces with Children as Participants)

da Ågård (Confidential)
Understanding YouTube as a Valuable Tool for Education. The Case of YouTuber Maria Jarjis and her education YouTube Channel         

Lilholt Olsen Johan (Confidential)
Organisationsværdier i et visuelt perspektiv. Et casestudie af organisationers mulighed for at differentiere deres værdigrundlag.” (Organisational values in a visual perspective. A case study of organisations possibilities for differentiating their basic values)

Miletto Julia                    
A case study of the social marketing campaign «Every Child», conducted by Henrik Vibskov using the visual social media Instagram and influencers

Mossin Tenna

Sarandeva Denitsa
Sofia: Architectured by Personal Representations of Urban Space

Schubert Christensen Anna Karina (Confidential)
Visual Representation of Training and Coaching: How to positively influence employee development and performance of millennial entrants 

Skriver Jennifer Ann
Artists’ Exercises A Diffractive Analysis of Art Educational Workshops in Collaboration with a Contemporary Kunsthal and Public Schools in Denmark

Uhrenholdt Kristoffer & Krøyer Vejrup Mathias
Truth and Trauma: A Documentary Investigation

Werner Hansen Siv 
Art in Exile – a Visual Ethnographic Studyof the Development of a Democratic Platform

Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design

Visual Arts Education specialization within the Master's programme Visual Culture and Learning

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