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NoVA program organises events, seminars, webinars, and intensive courses with changing topics of visual culture, art education, digitalisation&art, and many more. You can find the latest and upcoming news and events under the site navigation bar Events. Follow us also in social media to get information about our every day actions Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We have recently collaborated with many departments inside of Aalto University: Aalto Teaching Lab, Aalto Ventures program, and Aalto Junior
. Our other partners have been CIRRUS – Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education, City of Helsinki, Mehackit, and Arkki – School of Architecture for Children and Youth. NoVA is also coordinating Edda Norden which is a network for Nordic and Baltic Higher Art Education institutions, and it functions under Nordplus.

We are constantly looking partners for new projects and events. Send us an email nova-arts(at) and let’s brainstorm how we could build a better future for visual culture and art education

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