Alumni’s Career Stories : Anni Rupponen, working at Nuori Taide

We interviewed NoVA alumni about their career stories. The stories encouraged our studies and career path!

What is current your job?

I am an enabler. I work daily with young visual art makers (13–28 years old) from all around Finland to support them to bring their art and artistic practice visible through Nuori Taide (Young Visual Art). My responsibilities include producing cultural youth work events, training, workshops and seminars, specialised in visual arts. All practice is co-produced with youth themselves as well as professionals working with them. For example, I worked with over 20 artists last year.

I work as a nationwide producer in the Art Centre for Children and Young People. 

Secondly, I am continuing my 7 years old jewellery business. 

How did you design your career path?

I always dream of something new that I could learn. I need short and long term goals to keep my artistic work interesting. 

How did you get the position? 

I have had a bit of weird luck in my career. Twice, I have found a long-term place to work one month before my graduation. This has led me to work with artists with special needs and youth. Freelance projects are found randomly, I just need to speak up my ideas and hopes to create new networks.  

I believe that my way to visualise and verbalise my multidisciplinary experience and skills have made my potential attractive for a recruiter. Of course I have experienced dozens of “Unfortunately we did not select you” when applying for a job, but every job interview has cleared my understanding of what kind of work I really want and can do. 

 How do you utilise your NoVA experiences from NoVA for your career?

Currently, it is used in every sector of my work. I, for example, connect youth with art professionals to educate them in art making and production practices.

What is the most enjoyable moment in your job

Meeting people. Listening to their stories and ambitions in the field of art.



Photo 1: Producing Nuori Taide 2021 -online event’s live stream, photo Onni Pusa

Photo 2: Ideating new Nuori Taide activities by visiting art events

Photo 3: My jewellery studio in Culture Centre Sähinä, photo: Katja Lampinen


Text by Anni Rupponen, Edit by Mariko Yoshida

Alumni’s Career Stories : Anni Rupponen, working at Nuori Taide

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