Important Update about NoVA’s Admissions

Important Update about NoVA’s Admissions

Important Update Concerning NoVA’s Admissions


Since last January, we have been working on a new, exciting chapter for NoVA. Together with Aalborg University, we received a grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers to put together a Nordic Master double degree program that will take our collaboration to a whole new level. Not only will this mean more shared courses and project between Aalto and Aalborg, but every new NoVA student will get a degree from both universities.


Originally, we were planning to start this program in the fall of 2022. However, since there are still administrative and legal hoops to jump through (hoops that are beyond our control), it was decided that Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education will commence one year later, in fall 2023.


The downside of this decision is that NoVA does not have admissions this upcoming year. We understand that these are unfortunate news especially for those prospective students who have waited for the new application round to open this year. While we would have loved to start our Nordic Master in 2022, we also recognize the need to have every administrative and legal issue properly dealt with before we can embark on this new, exciting journey.


More information about our new Nordic Master program will be shared later this year, so stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, you can follow our work in Instagram, Facebook, and NoVA’s blog. If you have any questions about NoVA, please don’t hesitate to send an email or message.


Thank you for your continuing interest in NoVA!




Dr. Juuso Tervo

Senior University Lecturer

Head of Master’s Programme in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA)


Important Update about NoVA’s Admissions

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