Combining Augmented Reality with Education! Art, Education and Entrepreneurship Course Mid-Term Diary

I am going to introduce our course: Art, Education and
Entrepreneurship, a mandatory NoVA course organized between Aalto ARTS and
Aalto Ventures Program, partnering with City of Helsinki for three months.

The course focuses on getting familiar with
entrepreneurial thinking in a relaxed and friendly environment. The City of
Helsinki challenge us to create and design innovative solutions for the use of Augmented
Reality (AR) in the field of education.

“We are excited about
this collaboration and hope to get innovative ideas for developing our digital
learning tools!” says project manager Anna Rantapero-Laine from the City of Helsinki.

Our mission is to create educational
content about the history of Suomenlinna island for 5th and 6th
grades (11-12 years
old) using augmented reality. Our class is divided into three teams. One team
is approaching the lives of those who have lived in Suomenlinna in the past,
the other team is creating an AR game, and our team focuses on Suomenlinna’s nature.

Here are three aspects I have learned from
course thus far:

Learning path

Our learning path is collaborative meaning that we build new ideas within our team. In each step, teachers offer us their insight and advices. Also, Finnish school teachers have offered us perspectives from the field of education, and AR specialists have offered useful software and services to implement our contents in real life. Moreover, feedback from classmates has been helpful when developing our ideas. Insights from other teams gave us inspiration and knowledge to take our idea into real educational contexts.

Argmented reality colourful sand box

Finnish Education System

We have learned about Finnish educational
system and heard teachers’ perspectives through this course. When developing
our ideas, we need to think about the user experiences of 5th or 6th
grade children. We ended up with questions such as: What are they currently
interested in? To what extent are they familiar with technology? Can they
understand English? How might teacher organize group work? To answer these questions,
we have interviewed school teachers. This will help us to improve our ideas.

My team members’ backgrounds are varied, including
business, art education, and arts. Although we are struggling how to develop
our ideas further and how to connect the natural history of Suomenlinna island
to our learning paths, visits to Suomenlinna and weekly discussion have made us
think deeply about our ideas.

Digital in Art education

The new aspect that I got from this course is to combine AR and education. Especially during this pandemic time, digital skills are an urgent topic for educators all over the world. I have already experienced AR through Pokémon Go application, but this is my first time to create AR and VR contents for educational settings. This latest technology can offer an interesting mindset for thinking next educational steps. Even online situation, I am really enjoying this unique and experimental class.

This course will continue until April, and I am really looking forward to our final projects.

Written by Mariko Yoshida

Combining Augmented Reality with Education! Art, Education and Entrepreneurship Course Mid-Term Diary

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