The 9th NoVA suggests by Grace Hewitt

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 18.55.17Me (in the Boomtown Rats Christmas shirt) and my sister, enjoying Sunday afternoon barefoot lawn bowls. Australia, Dec 2015.

1.HAM – Helsinki Art Museum
This is my favourite art museum in Helsinki because I enjoy its wide variety of modern and contemporary exhibitions. When I first moved to Helsinki I discovered many contemporary Finnish artists via visits to HAM.

2. MCA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
If anyone is in or near Sydney, definitely check out the MCA! It is quite possibly my favourite art museum in the world.

3. Instagram account @textsfromyourexistentialist
This account pairs renowned works of art/film stills with existentialist quotes. If Wednesday Addams and Nietzsche co-owned an Instagram or Tumblr account, this would be it.

4. Creative Nonfiction magazine
Unfortunately this magazine is available via subscription only, but there are some essays and articles available on the website. Each issue explores a specific topic e.g the weather or siblings etc. and I especially enjoy the experimental pieces.

Grace Hewitt is originally from Australia but has lived in Finland since 2011. She has worked as a teacher in Australia, England and Finland but is now a student in the Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) Master’s programme at Aalto school of Art, Design and Architecture.

NoVA Suggests is a regularly published edition of interesting events, publications and sites by NoVA community members.

The 9th NoVA suggests by Grace Hewitt

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