The 8th NoVA suggests by Margit Jugar

Photo on 26.02.16 at 7.14On my way from Tallinn to Helsinki – ferry is like my third home, after Tartu and Helsinki.

1. Tartmus
Tartu Art Museum is my home town museum so for me it is a cherished place. Tartmus has wonderful exhibitions of Estonian, especially local (Tartu) contemporary artists’ works. Right now they are exhibiting Laura Põld’s “Hundreds of Illusions Charted as Land”, she has used many different materials and elements to create a wonderful and multiplex environment.

2. Kumu
Kumu is the art museum in Tallinn, but art exhibitions are not the only thing that happen there. Especially interesting events are films, performances and concerts. The best part about visiting Kumu events is that you can always go and see ongoing art exhibitions too. For example right now Kumu shows “RAM. Early Estonian Computer Art” ,”Saga. Iceland: Art and Narrative” and “Force majeure. The Destroyed and the Disappeared in Estonian Art”.

3. Sport
I recommend doing sport, any kind of sport it is a good way to release endorphins. It will help to loosen up the mind and let in new, brilliant and fresh ideas. Also sport can be tool of self-expression or a way to make art and on top of that, sport keeps you healthy. I myself love to do all kind of sport, but especially volleyball, gym and extreme sport. Now I wish you all motivation to go and do something physical and self-expressive now. 🙂

Margit Jugar is a NoVA student from Aalto University (Helsinki). She completed her bachelor degree in Art Education at Tallinn University. For her master thesis she is researching Soviet Union era Russian migration to Estonia and what influences it has on today’s Estonian society and migration discussions.

NoVA Suggests is a regularly published edition of interesting events, publications and sites by NoVA community members.

The 8th NoVA suggests by Margit Jugar

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