The 5th NoVA suggest by Mira Kallio-Tavin

12248038_10206256185976841_7027103568776768522_oWhile taking part in the Brushes with History conference, at Teacher’s College in NYC in November 2016, I had time to visit exhibitions and the roof terrace in the New Museum.

1. Ote / Points of View exhibition in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Areena

This exhibition shows one work from the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection and invites the public to meet with an artwork in alternative ways. Dancing and dining with a painting, for example, stretches the idea of a museum as an institution. The exhibition is open 19.12.2015–31.1.2016.

2. InFormation special issue on art didactics and marginal voices

InFormation is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal aimed at disseminating knowledge and experience from research and development projects based on artistic practice and reflection, art education, art theory, cultural theory and related areas. This issues includes my latest publication: Representation of art as an ethical and political act, where I discuss the representation of people with disabilities through Levinasian philosophy and disability studies in art education. The issue is edited by Rikke Gürgens Gjærum, Venke Aure, and Stine Nielsen Ellinggard.

3.New book on Visual methods in childhood and youth studies

For those who read Finnish, there is a new book on visual methods in childhood and youth studies: Visuaaliset menetelmät lapsuuden ja nuorisotutkimuksessa. This book offers interesting new sites to explore visuality among children and young people. While youth communication is more visual now than ever, there is a need for research to bring images as a source of knowledge. The book is edited by Marleena Mustola, Johanna Mykkänen, Marja Leena Böök, and Antti-Ville Kärjä. My chapter in this book is on learning in digital gaming and game design: Oppiminen digitaalisessa pelaamisessa ja pelisuunnittelussa.

Mira Kallio-Tavin works as a senior university lecturer of international art education at Aalto University. Her research area focuses on questions of diversity, social justice, embodiment and disability studies, and on the relationship of education and gaming.  She is the chair of the Finnish InSEA (International Society for Education through Art), and chair of the international Master’s degree program Nordic Visual studies and Art education, NoVA.

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The 5th NoVA suggest by Mira Kallio-Tavin

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