The 4th NoVA suggests by Siv Werner



Dome of Visions is a sustainable experiment – a culture house/art space/community space and green house in one. The construction is build from reusable and recycled materials without toxic chemicals, and the curatorial profile stresses the importance of democratising the aesthetic – making the aesthetic practises and knowledge productions accessible for all. You can experience a range of activities, like yoga, meditation, concerts, exhibitions, performances, debates, workshops and parties during weekends. Most of the events are free of charge and the organic café is open every day if you’re just up for a coffee and a hang out by the wood fired oven.


My daily art-fix online. A forum for serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today.


An old church turned into a contemporary art space in two floors. The building is worth a visit in it self but also the exhibitions are often curious and experimental – with seeing and definitely one of the better choices to go when in the pedestrian area “Strøget” in the city center.


Everything from contemporary art galleries, workshops, innovations spaces to restaurants (all price ranges, from very fancy to old school fish’n chips. My new favourite is Magasasa Chinese dim sum – the food is amazing and prices are low). Also famous for its bars and nightlife. Recently they started doing farmers markets on weekends, which are also worth a visit.


Siv Werner is a NoVA student from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, currently woking as the curatorial assistant @ Dome of Visions. She has a background in communication (BA), and is interested in the sphere between art, activism and sustainability.
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The 4th NoVA suggests by Siv Werner

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