The 2nd NoVA suggests by Ruska Berghäll

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“A picture of you working,” they said, “somehow related to your studies” they said

1.Death and the Mother from Dickens to Freud: Victorian Fiction and the Anxiety of Origins, Author: Caroly Dever, Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

For any fan of cultural psychoanalysis, the victorian novel and maybe feminism. This book is replete with delicious historical detail and suggests maybe romantic notions of motherless-ness first, psychoanalysis later, not the other way around. It’s easy to tie into your studies, but also works as a relaxing read away from them.

2. Patti Pente: Smelly Ontology in A/r/tography: the Agency of Decay  

Best read from the semester’s NoVA material so far, from a journal that was filled with goodness for many of us. A/r/tography as a method combines three of my favourite things; art, research and talking about myself – and Pente’s idea of decay as the natural state and ultimate unifying factor, bringing together Agamben’s unworkable communities, aligned so perfectly with my moldy and crumbling conceptions of subjectivities in time that I think I ended up hugging these print-outs.

3. Nuolaise ennen kuin tipahdat – Psykoanalyysin käsitteet Lacanin tapaan
There’s a seminar (sorry, it’s in Finninsh) on Lacan 4.-5.12.2015, at Porthania hall 674, Helsinki University – be there or be fundamentally perverted.

4. Choir
As someone who quite easily cocoons herself at her desk with the books and the drawings, I can’t stress the importance of a social activity enough. If you can produce a sound, join a choir – it deals away with anxieties and harmonising is proved to make people’s hearts actually beat in the same rhythm. Shed those pesky lingering neoliberalist imperatives of always going solo!

Ruska Berghäll is the other Finnish addition to the NoVA program, Ruska made her way to Aalto after a BA in media in Digital Arts, Turku Art Academy, and a year of pedagogical studies at Lahti Design Institute. She moved to Helsinki to work as a freelancer, mainly drawing angry birds and illustrating educational material, latter of which she looks forward to doing in the future – on her own terms. She is fairly certain that all information can be made accessible with the optimised combination of image and text and is obsessed with Lacan and infographics.

NoVA Suggests
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The 2nd NoVA suggests by Ruska Berghäll

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