The 1st NoVA suggests by Ulla Lind

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From the book release of the anthology EDGE: 20 Essays on Contemporary Art Education 8th of October in Aalto Universtiy. Ulla Lind on the left with a Finnish colleague and co-author Jaana Erkkilä, they both have two articles in the anthology, one as a pair and  individual.

1. Sweater Mountain: Finally @ Konstfack 12.12.2015
Sweater Mountain is a traveling exhibition by Jacob Gaumer and Cecilia Pfaff. The Mountains have been shown in the U.S. and around Sweden and now, finally at Konstfack.The exhibit is for one night and one night only. All are welcome!

2. Deleuze and Guattari group on Facebook
A facebook group that informs, discusses and provides links for beginners and senior researchers in the field of Deleuze Studies.  The Group was started by Ian Buchanan, involved in many arrangement and “countless” publications. among them Deleuze and Feminist Theory, Deleuze and Queer Theory but also the Dictionary of Critical Theory, (e-book, 2010).

3. PhEMaterialism group on Facebook
PhEmaterialism informs, discusses and provides links for beginners and senior researchers in the field of Feminist Posthumanism and New Materialism, Research Methodologies in Education. I think not just for education but also for visual and cultural studies as well as activist approaches.

4. SAAVA – Swedish Animation and Visual Arts on Facebook
SAAVA aims to streng the swedish animation, motion graphics, VFX etc. All new posts  some way related to that field are very welcome! Also, check out the daily updated animationblog:

5. Konstfacks Julmarknad 28.-29.11.2015
Visit the annual Christmas Market at Konstfack – it is crazy and fun!!

Ulla Lind is a Senior Lecturer at the Deparment of Visual Arts Education in Konstfack,  Stockholm, Sweden. She has trained as a visual art teacher and earned a PhD in Educational Studies at Stockholm University, with research on visual based aesthetic learning processes as forms of culture and knowledge.

NoVA Suggests is a regularly published edition of interesting events, publications and sites by NoVA community members.

Edit: 27 April 2020. Ulla Lind has retired from the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

The 1st NoVA suggests by Ulla Lind

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